historiqueCreated in 1994 in Versailles by Claude AUBERT-CHEVALIER, ACEI is above all the story of a passion for electronics and industrial instrumentation. After 6 years of experience in the Prométhée TOTAL Beauplan laboratory and following the TOTAL / ELF merger, ACEI accompanies the laboratory on the CSTJF site in Pau and takes charge of reassembling all the manipulations. During this period, Mr. Nicolas CRUZ joined ACEI as a partner until Mr. Claude AUBERT-CHEVALIER retired. To date, Mr. Nicolas CRUZ is the sole manager of ACEI, which has 8 employees.

Over the years, ACEI has broadly diversified its activities in France and abroad. Indeed, certified ISO 9001, ACEI now offers its customers (oil companies, chemical industry, service companies, military sites, etc.) a wide range of services:

- Preventive and curative maintenance, proposal and implementation of corrective actions on all laboratory equipment.

- Technical assistance mechanical, electronic, instrumentation / regulation, acquisition systems and software.

- Metrology, needs analysis, set up and management of instruments, calibration planning according to current standards (API, ISO). Evaluation of measurement uncertainties and risks associated with decisions. Calibrations and checks. Advice and support.

- Study, integration, installation, commissioning and configuration of laboratory equipment (measuring chains, control loops, pressure stations ...). Design and development of specific laboratory and field equipment.


Mr. Nicolas CRUZ has established a high level of competence in the four areas of activity mentioned above and built a network of partners to respond to all types of services and projects.