qualite 2The policy of our team is to always be attentive and to support our customers as best as possible by ensuring  quality service.
We also make it a point of honoring to respond as quickly as possible to requests, our responsiveness is also a quality appreciated by our customers, as reflected in customer feedback forms:




Is also a key point for the functioning of company. ACEI send its employees for training every year to monitor technological and normative developments: regulation, electricity, instrumentation, maintenance, metrology (our metrologist is also a member of the AFNOR standardization commission X07B and an expert with the M13 commission of BNPé).
Our technicians benefit from specialized training on specific hardware (Chandler, Fann, HBM, Eurotherm, Ofite, Vishay, Micro-Measure ...). These skills enable us to provide quality maintenance, repair, calibration and compliance services.
Finally, beyond the strict quality framework, ACEI has implemented a HSE policy integrating a number of training related to security (Huet, H2S, ARI, CACES, electrical enabling, GSI 2, SST ...).