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International Metrology Congress 2017


At IMC 2017, ACEI will speak about inter-instruments comparison. You will find below the abstract of the conference which will be pronounced on Thursday, September 21st, 2017. The complete article will be published at the end of the congress.


IIC, a monitoring method for conditional calibrations


ACEI, 6 bis rue Jean Zay, 64000 Pau, France

The purpose of this conference is to present the works in progress on the drafting of the reference document devoted to inter-instruments comparison. Inspired by inter-laboratory comparisons, this method compares a group of instruments of a same family carefully selected. Based on the idea that there is statistically no reason for a group of instruments to drift in the same way and in the same proportion, this method verifies that the measured values at a given level are not statistically different.

For example, in the case of instruments which have already been calibrated, the purpose of the C2I is to confirm (or not) that their traceability is still guaranteed, making it possible to postpone the date of calibration.

In another case, if a standard participates to the C2I, its traceability can also be checked even if the other instruments haven’t been calibrated.

This conference will explain some rules for selecting instruments (the most important step), the statistical tests chosen by the team, how to estimate the uncertainty and give an example of comparison.


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