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› Automated test equipment to determine a wide range

of geomechanical properties in both triaxial and uniaxial stresses.

Rendu cellule triax182

› Axial Self-balanced hydraulic actuator, connected to a High-Pressure pump.

› Complex triaxial tests can be achieved by programming the test path

by unit sequences, associated with control parameters based on pressure,

displacement or stress, or any other real time measured or calculated parameter.

› Windows™ based control and acquisition software to record, display,

graphically represent and/or control all available parameters.


ENHANCED SIMPLICITY due to the integration of practical tools

and optimized ergonomics allowing testing to be performed on samples

in a timely and accurate manner



› Axial load : 800 / 1,200 / 2,000 kN

› Piston stroke : 50 mm

› Cell pressure capacity : 8,700 / 15,000 / 22,000 psi (600 / 1,000 / 1,500 bars)

› Temperature : ambient to 150°C

› Material : Stainless steel or Hastelloy® wetted parts

› Multisealed feedthrough or 50 Ohms coaxial electrical lines


› Specimen diameter: up to 100 mm

› P&S Ultrasonic Wave Propagation Velocity Measurement

› In-vessel load cell

› Gas Permeability / Porosity Measurement

› High temperature


TRIAX200 08 DetTRIAX200 08 DetTRIAX200 07









Download the complete specifications


› Software-controlled independent PID temperature regulator

Example of a Dual curing chamber (customer-specific request)

› 3 temperature measurement points in the well

› Working pressure: 20,000 psi (1,380 bar)

› Maximum temperature of 300°C :

• <150°C: Viton O-ring

•  <250°C: FFKM O-ring (Perfluorinated)

•  >250°C: metal seal (not reusable)

› Detection and Automatic shutdown of well filling via a Magnetic Float

› Pressure control : double pumps to generate continuous flow

› Process management via automatic valves (pneumatic)



   • high pressure pump control

   • pressure & temperature sensors acquisition



› Standard well features :

 • Internal diameter: 228mm

 • Volume : 18.5 Liters

 • Steel specification: APX4 (WNR 1.4418)

› Dimensions : H 79,53 po (2,020 mm) x W 49,41 po (1,255 mm) x D 42,12 po (1,070 mm)

› Weight: 1,600 kg

› Provided with certificate of compliance

›  Directive 2014/68/UE

BVV Palan 01DetBVV antibloc 02BVV vannes 01        

The new booklet X07-039 has just been published by AFNOR.

Entitled Role of Uncertainty in conformity assessment - Implementation of ISO/CEI Guide 98-4 - Illustration through industrial case studies, this document, in which ACEI participated, incorporates the principles set out in the 98-4 standard, and then provides many illustrative examples.

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Join our teams on 16-19 april 2018 for the JST 11th edition to know our services and meet our PVT experts.

This event takes place at the Oran Convention Center.

Find more information and detailed program on the event website.


At IMC 2017, ACEI will speak about inter-instruments comparison. You will find below the abstract of the conference which will be pronounced on Thursday, September 21st, 2017. The complete article will be published at the end of the congress.

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As part of its French standardization activities, ACEI is participating in the revision of document X07-028 entitled "Metrology - Procedure for Calibration and Verification of Thermometers - Estimation of associated measurement uncertainties".

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