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Join our teams on 16-19 april 2018 for the JST 11th edition to know our services and meet our PVT experts.

This event takes place at the Oran Convention Center.

Find more information and detailed program on the event website.


At IMC 2017, ACEI will speak about inter-instruments comparison. You will find below the abstract of the conference which will be pronounced on Thursday, September 21st, 2017. The complete article will be published at the end of the congress.

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As part of its French standardization activities, ACEI is participating in the revision of document X07-028 entitled "Metrology - Procedure for Calibration and Verification of Thermometers - Estimation of associated measurement uncertainties".

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Today, we offer a range of high-pressure and high-temperature automatic valves that are compact and powerful. Able to operate in difficult environments (ATEX), pneumatically operated, they are easily integrated into all types of process due to their small footprint.

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The new booklet X07-039 has just been published by AFNOR.

Entitled Role of Uncertainty in conformity assessment - Implementation of ISO/CEI Guide 98-4 - Illustration through industrial case studies, this document, in which ACEI participated, incorporates the principles set out in the 98-4 standard, and then provides many illustrative examples.

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Double HPHT curing chamber with independent pressure and temperature PID servo-controlled systems.

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Technical specifications :

- Max pressure : 1380 bar (20000 psi)

- Max temperature : 300°C

- Detection and automatic shutdown of refilling

- Process controled by automatic valves

- Chamber volume : 18,5 litre

- Easy and secure handling of lids by hoist

- Pressure regulation with two dual core pumps (continuous flow) + two back pressure valves :


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Download the complete specifications.

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